Archie-Barry-Hypnic2Hypnic, performance, approximately 4min. Photograph Credit: Vanessa Godden

A hypnic jerk is the sudden inexplicable twitch or sensation of falling when drifting off to sleep, often accompanied by a rapid heartbeat and sweating. The barriers between dreaming and being, between what is real and what is abstract are gently dissolved in this performance work.

A small sculptural costume sings about their transitional state of existence, with the artist later joining them in a harmonious duet. The mouth and voice of the artist is doubled, creating a corporeal intensity that is both simple and indeterminate.


First rendition, Victorian College of the Arts, 22 March 2017

Second rendition, Trocadero Art Space, 30 August 2017

Third rendition, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, 24 February 2018

Fourth rendition, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, 22 March 2018

Fifth rendition, Artspace Sydney, 26 September 2018