Gender Soup

Gender Soup, 14th May 2016, interactive performance, grass lawn between ACCA (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art) and VCA (Victorian College of the Arts)

How big am I? How old am I? Am I really only fifty-five kilograms?
I wasn’t always this heavy.
I wasn’t always this light.

But I always was, regardless of my dimensions… 

A group of volunteer participants individually sculpted a palm-sized clay representation of their own experience of gender, prompted by the voice of the artist reading aloud a poem that reflects on embodiment prior to enculturation: an attempt to comprehend of bodies as nothing more than animated carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen.

Each sculpture was then put into a cast iron brewing pot and swirled with a pastel green enamelled ladle. The artist then bathed in the combined distilled sculptures of the participants, reminiscent of a religious baptism and signifying a desire to marinate in gender potentiality.


Photodocumentation by Katie Sfetkidis