Born in 1990 and raised on the coastal regions of the Eora Nation/Sydney, Archie Barry is an interdisciplinary visual artist. Their work is autobiographical, somatic and process-led, spanning performance, video, music composition and writing. By cultivating a genealogy of personas based on their own experiences of power and mortality, they produce self-portraiture that troubles dominant notions of personhood and representation. 

Barry has presented solo exhibitions at The Heide Museum of Modern Art (2020 – 2021) and Blindside Gallery (2019). Barry’s work has been presented in a range of group settings including at The Samstag Museum of Art (2022), The Monash University Museum of Art (2021 - 2022), The National Gallery of Victoria (2021, 2019), The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (2022, 2020, 2018, 2017), The Museum of Contemporary Art (2019), Contemporary Art Tasmania (2019) amongst other spaces. They have given performance lectures and artist talks at The Centre for Contemporary Photography (2018), The National Gallery of Victoria (2022, 2019), Parsons and The New School (2018, 2020), Minneapolis College of Art and Design (2020) and Monash University Museum of Art (2019).