30 Nights with Strangers

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Screenshot of email communication with participants of 30 Nights with Strangers


30 Nights with Strangers is a short documentary project currently in the post-production editing phase.

The artist organised to meet thirty strangers for thirty consecutive nights in November, 2015. Each interaction was guided by the principles of consent, respect and curiosity, understood as the foundations for creating meaningful and open communication. Participants were interviewed on the topic of intimacy and shared their desires, fears and past experiences in relationships with others and themselves. Every logistical aspect of every interaction (location, time, activity) was co-decided with each participant through conversation, making the documentary a fluid and interactive process and resulting in a polylogue opposed to a monologue.

Participants and the artist spoke about love, death, suicide, gender identity, sexuality and many other topics. The artist and participants sang, cried, kissed, held hands, spooned, sat in awkward silence, had sex, had birthday sex, caught the tram together, watched films, watched pornography, ate pancakes, ate homemade lasagne, ate bulgogi, ate takoyaki, ate stir fry, ate pizza, drank coffee, drank tea, drank alcohol, expressed gratitude, listened to music, drove in cars, slept in cabins, slept on beds, danced, practiced shibari, invented stories, went to pubs, cafes, shops, restaurants and picnicked in the open air.

A post-project participant gathering was held. The event involved a communal pot-luck style meal and workshops on checking-in with ones internal state of being, expressing physical boundaries, Socratic dialectic and a guided body-focused meditation session.

The film explores relationships and sexuality as multifaceted and complex, a response to the socially sanctioned constraints placed on relationship categories such as friends, lovers and strangers. The documentary is a resource on experimental filmmaking, relationship anarchy and communication styles.